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2nd Week of May

…Mushrooms galore in the Adelaide hills and the surrounds of the vineyard – also draped in misty-drizzle (mizzle if you are from Lenswood and in the know)

The cool wet weather at the beginning of Autumn has been perfect for fungi growth with Pine Mushrooms and Slippery Jacks very much in abundance, although we will need to travel further afield than Lenswood for the sacred Porcini – “The King of Mushrooms” at this time of year.

With our glut of foraged ‘shrooms, we have begun to preserve what we can – these would normally be on the menu in our currently ‘not in use’ restaurant; so we are drying, pickling, salt preserving in an attempt to save them for future months.

Our dried mushrooms will be either stored in dry slices and rehydrated as required, or turned in to mushroom powder to be added to stocks and sauces to introduce an umami punch of flavour, the powder will also mixed with salt to give a seasoning for meats, poultry, fish and vegetables.

These mushroom seasonings and pickled mushrooms will soon be available in our cellar door along with a number of other provisions we look to make across the weeks.




Pickled Mushroom Recipe


Pine Mushroom (can be substituted with any mushroom when Pine Mushroom are out of season)
Apple Vinegar
Olive Oil

This recipe is all about personal taste, therefore I have not added measurements.


Clean and slice mushroom in to thick slices or wedges (a size and shape that you would like to eat)
Heat some oil in a pan until smoking hot and sauté a small amount of mushroom at a time with a couple of thin slices of garlic and a sprig of thyme
Remove from the heat and deglaze with a splash of vinegar (a couple of table spoon should be plenty)
Season lightly with salt, this will begin to draw the water out
Empty in to a bowl and set to one side
Continue this process until all mushrooms are in the bowl

There should now be liquid in the bowl that the Mushrooms have released, this will be your pickle base.
Strain this off and place the mushrooms in jars, dividing the garlic and thyme evenly
Now season the liquor with salt (if needed), pepper, olive oil and vinegar to create a sharp but delicious pickle that is to your palate (you can add a little more vinegar as the acid will mellow over time)
Mix well and pour over the mushrooms
Seal the containers and store for later (the length of storage time will depend on how well they are sealed)

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